Simple Mini H Quad

My simple mini quad has been extremely fun to fly. The durability and low cost allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone and really improve my flying skills.

I wanted to translate the carelessness I have enjoyed flying line of site on a low cost quadcopter into something that has the capability for FPV. I came up with a H-style design that offered some flexibility for equipment placement.

The frame was milled from 1.5mm fibreglass sheeting. The arms are 10x10mm basswood with holes to attach to the frame and mount motors to the arms. A small channel cut into the end ensures the motor shaft does not rub against the boom. The arms mount to the frame with a single screw and holes either side help to guide the angle of the arm. By applying a liberal amount of torque to the screw and lock nut, the frame squeezes the arms to keep them in place. In the event of a hard crash or knock, the arms fold out of the way instead of breaking.

Continuing with the theme of resilience, the legs are nylon spacers screwed down onto the last few mm of thread. When they take a hard hit, they pop off.

Assembled and ready for the electronics


The total weight is 74.8 grams.

My previous mini quad used the cheap, yet powerful Suppo A1510 motors. They have provided a very mixed experience. When the motors work, they work very well, with plenty of punch in a tiny package. However, I have experienced a high rate of failure and built up quite a stock of spares replacing the ones that have prematurely failed after a few light knocks. While I still have an excess of these motors on hand I am going use up my stockpile. In the future it would be preferable to use a more reliable part such as the Tiger Motor MT-1306 3100 KV.

Coloured the arms with some black wood dye from the local hardware store and added some LEDs for night action.


It flies!



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