Hammer Mini H Quad v2.0 Manual


Quantity Item Description
2 Main plate
1 Top plate
1 Camera Plate
4 Arms
16 M3 x 6mm steel screws
8 M3 x 35mm tapped nylon spacers
24 M3 nylon washers
12 M3 x 8mm untapped nylon spacers
12 M3 x 20mm steel screws
12 M3 locknuts
4 M3 x 16mm tapped nylon spacers
4 M3 x 12mm steel screws
4 Double ended silicon grommets
4 5.6mm x 14mm M3 threaded nylon spacer
4 M3 nylon nuts
4 M3 x 6mm nylon screws

Frame Assembly

Attach the flight controller to one of the main plates.


Grab 8 x 35mm M3 nylon spacers and 8 x 6mm M3 steel screws and screw into the holes around the edge of the top plate.


Using another 8 x 6mm M3 steel screws, screw the main plate onto the spacers and complete the upper section.


Collect 3 x M3 x 20mm steel screws, 6 x M3 nylon washers, 3 x M3 x 8mm spacers and 3 x M3 locknuts. The arms are sandwiched between the main plates and the spacers are used to increase the clearance between the plates. Use the washers between the frame and fastening hardware.


Repeat the process for the other three arms.



Secure a M3 x 16mm tapped nylon spacer with a M3 x 12mm steel screw to each arm.



Collect 4 x dampeners and the camera plate.


Push the silicon dampeners into the camera plate, then push the opposite ends into the top plate.


Ready for electronics.


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